The reason I initially open this account was because it was a place where I could store, say, invest and spend bitcoin. That was made possible because of the debit card. However, as great as the debit card was when I initially opened this account, it’s significantly changed. It’s no longer really a debit card. Because you can’t debit money from it can only be taken off of the car if you make an Internet purchase or buy something in the gas station. You can no longer get cash off of it. That single reason alone has steered me away from even keeping bitcoin here. Everything used to work perfect. But for some unknown reason, and I explicitly use the word unknown because your customer service representative don’t even know the answer, you guys decided to change the debit card he cares and remove the ability for people to actually use that as a debit card and get money off of it. Why did you do that? I cannot get a answer from anyone.